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Class 1 License Winnipeg

At Ace-It Driving School,  we are known to be one of the best driving schools in the city!  If you are after a class 1 Driver’s License, this can be achieved after going through our intensive and extensive driver training. Our aim and focus deals with the safety of the driver and others on the road. 

Having a Class 1 License gives you an edge over other drivers with other class licenses. In other words, with a class 1 license, you can drive any class of vehicle.

For your safety and fun in training, you can ride on top-equipped vehicles of the latest models. Professional maintenance and cleanliness of our vehicles are self-evident. We plan the practical driving lessons according to your wishes. You decide the duration of the intensive course and the times of the driving lessons. 

Our Winnipeg driving school can also provide driving instructions in English, Hindi and Punjabi languages. Our straightforward approach to learning means that you not only acquire the driver training skills needed to pass both your road and theory test, but you also become a smarter and more defensive driver. Our prices are competitive, with top quality standards maintained. 


The Importance of Having a Class 1 Licence

To legally drive a vehicle in any country, you will need a driver’s license issued by the government of that country. This rule is applicable in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Therefore, a driver’s license is an official document permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles, such as motorcycle, car, bus, truck, trailer etc.

The importance of a class 1 License cannot be over-emphasized when driving class 1 vehicles. This is because class 1 vehicles are majorly heavy-duty and require a lot of training to be able to operate one and have a class 1 license.


What is a Class 1 Vehicle?

Class 1 Vehicles include any motor vehicle except motorcycles. For example; road tractor, hook and ladder fire truck, a tractor-trailer with a farm registration etc.

To have a Class 1 License in Winnipeg, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be 18 years or older,

2. Hold at least a class 5 intermediate or authorized instruction license for not less than two years,

3. Have a good driving record,

4. File a medical report for approval, and

5. Pass a knowledge test.


The holder of a Class 1 driver’s License in Winnipeg is allowed to operate:

1. Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and five motor vehicles;

2. Where his or her driver’s license bears the endorsement "M", motorcycles;

3. Where his or her driver’s license bears the endorsement "6", motorcycles as a learner.


A class 1 license can have the following endorsement:

F- To drive heavy vehicle equipped with an air brake system,

M- To drive a heavy vehicle equipped with a manual transmission,

T- To drive a road train, that is, a double road train more than 25 meters long.

Class 1 License Winnipeg
Ace It Driving School
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