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Driver Training Edmonton

So, you’ve just completed your driver training in Edmonton. From the team at Ace-It to you, a heartfelt congratulations! Getting your driver training completed can be such a liberating feeling. At long last, you’re able to cruise down the street in style. You're soon on your way to having the wind blow through your hair, your favorite song blasting on the stereo. Finally, all your plans are coming to fruition, and you feel free as a bird.

If buying a new car is in your plans for the future, make sure to educate yourself on what type of vehicle is best for you. Part of the process of finding a new vehicle is finding auto insurance coverage, however. Here are some ways that you as a new driver can save on your auto insurance premiums.

Certain Cars Are Costlier to Insure

If your instructor didn’t tell you during driver training in Edmonton, you should know now that the price you pay for auto insurance is mostly dependent on the type of car you buy. To lower your insurance premiums, consider purchasing vehicles that are well equipped with robust safety features.

When purchasing a new car, you should also consider how much it will cost to repair the vehicle. Some luxury vehicles may be more reliable, but if something breaks down, the cost to fix it will be much more. These vehicles are therefore more expensive to ensure.

Take a Driver’s Training Course

You may have already completed your driver training in Edmonton, but if not, taking a driver training course that has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation can save you up to 20% on your car insurance costs each year! That equates to some major savings. If you have been on the fence about enrolling in driver training in Edmonton so far, the auto insurance savings alone may be enough to cause you to jump over to one side.

Rethink Your Insurance Deductible

One effective way that many people choose to lower their insurance premiums is to decrease their deductible. The lower the deductible, the more risk you're willing to take on yourself. The higher the deductible, the more your insurance company is willing to take on. If you can afford it and have sufficient savings that you don’t mind letting go of if you’re in an accident, lowering your deductible may be a feasible way to reduce your insurance premium.

Combine Policies with One Provider

Most insurance companies will offer you a discount if you have multiple policies with them. For instance, if you have a homeowner’s package or a life insurance policy with one company, you may be eligible for reduced auto insurance premiums for bundling your car insurance with them as well.

After completing driver training in Edmonton, buying a new car may interest you. If so, make sure that you work with a qualified insurance agent who can walk you through the essential process of purchasing car insurance. These tips from Ace-It will help you find coverage that you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

Driver Training Edmonton
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