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Ace It Driving School

Ace It Driving School, Driving School in Winnipeg

Manitoba Road Signs

We can help you learn road signs so that you can quickly identify what they mean and manoeuvre your vehicle accordingly in a safe and effective manner. From “Stop” to “Keep Left” to “Slippery When Wet”, our driving lessons in Winnipeg provide you with a complete education that will help you decode road signs in a flash.
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Manitoba Road Signs

Learn the Rules of the Road

Our driving instructors will help you become familiar with Manitoba road laws to keep you, your passengers, and other vehicles around you safe. With their expert training, you will leave our driving school in Winnipeg with confidence and sharp driving skills.

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Learn the Rules of the Road

We Will Make You a Great Driver

Are you nervous about learning to drive? Do you lack the confidence needed to take the wheel? Our experienced in-car Class 5 Driving instructors are friendly, encouraging, and know how to keep you calm. At the end of your lessons, you will be capable of travelling in all of Winnipeg's weather conditions.

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We Will Get You Driving

We Will Help You Ace It!

Our Winnipeg driving school has a proven track record! Our students have a 91% pass rate on their Class 5 MPI road test.

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We Will Help You Ace It!

Ace-It Driving School in Winnipeg, MB

Our Winnipeg driving school offers drivers of all ages a straightforward approach to learning the driver training skills needed to not only pass the road test but to be a smart and defensive driver. We offer top-quality driving lessons at very competitive rates and have become known as one of the best driving schools in Winnipeg! Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of students pass their road tests—our students have a 91% success rate. To book your driving lesson today, call or text us at 204-509-4175. Our goal is to get you driving!

Ace-It Driving School in Edmonton, AB

Experience our straightforward approach in our English and Spanish driving lessons that are offered at competitive prices. Our Edmonton driving school provides training for young and mature drivers, so they develop the skills that will let them pass their road test and become a smart and defensive driver. We're proud to have a 91% student success rate. Book your own driving lesson today by calling or texting us at 587-926-5400.

Why Choose Us?

  • Driving lessons are one-on-one.
  • Free city-wide pickup and dropoff.
  • Driving instruction offered in English, Punjabi, Hindi, or Spanish, depending on your location.
  • Focus on defensive driving strategies that can help keep you and your passengers safe.
  • Non-smoking lesson vehicles feature dual controls and dual mirrors.
  • All lessons and driving skills tailored to meet student’s needs.
  • A variety of lesson options, including individual lessons and full Driver Training packages.
  • Mock road test lessons on similar routes used by MPI driver licensing.
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    free video lessons

What Our Students Have to Say …

“Thank you for taking me on the busy streets and intersections. I took 8 lessons before in Driver's Ed and my instructor never took me on the intersection with the traffic lights.”

“Went through some other driving schools before but no one pointed out my mistakes the way you do it. This helped me a lot and I am confident in my driving now.”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for being my driving instructor. I would have never been able to pass my test the first time without you!”

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