Watch This Video: Here’s An Example Of How Online Video Course Will Help You Ace Your Driving Test!

In this video, I am going to show you how you can pass your driving test – no general errors and no critical errors.

Everything we do in our lives, we go through a process and driving is no different.

I am going to share this process with you and if you use it properly you will pass first time.

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Online Course Includes

  • Signals

  • Mirror Adjustment

  • Proper Gears

  • Stop Signs (1-2-3-4 way)e

  • Yield Signs

  • Left Turns at Traffic Lights

  • Scanning, big picture

  • Passing Parked Cars

  • Lane Change

  • Railway Crossing

  • School and Pedestrian Crosswalks

  • Roundabouts

  • Boulevard Turns

  • Merging Lanes

  • One way Streets

  • Parking Lot

  • Diamond Lane

  • Downtown Driving

  • Emergency Stops

  • Busier Roads

  • Complex Roads

Ace It Driving School accepts no liability for the content of this course, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in this course. This online course does not include parallel parking.

∗∗Ace It Driving School does not guarantee you will pass your driving test. Videos don’t replace the hours of training you need behind the wheel with a supervising driver. The online video course will expire after 1 year from the date of the registration.

Ace-It Driving School – Manitoba

Our Online driving school offers drivers of all ages a straightforward approach to learning the driver training skills needed to not only pass the road test but to be a smart and defensive driver. We offer top-quality driving lessons at very competitive rates and have become known as one of the best driving schools in Manitoba! Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of students pass their road tests—our students have a 91% success rate.

Ace It Driving School provides training for young and mature drivers, so they develop the skills that will let them pass their road test and become a smart and defensive driver.

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Ace it Driving School is great! I recommend for anyone who wants to learn or just gain more confidence on the road. The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable, he helped me to feel more secure and to be able to drive and park properly not only for my road test, but for everyday life.
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Vijaya Chitnis

Road Test

I am giving 5 star and definitely referring “Ace it” to my friends. Mandeep is very good with his skills. He is very easy going and explains each and every techniques patently for our successful road test.
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Jacque Garcia

Road Test

I really don’t drive before and started zero with Ace It. I was nervous the first time and Ace It made sure i feel comfortable behind the wheel. After 6 lessons, i took my road test and pass it on my first try.