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Book a You Ace Class 5 Basic Road Test Driving Package

Class 5 Driving Lessons in Edmonton, AB

Are you looking to take your class 5 driving test in Edmonton? Build your confidence right before taking your basic road test with a Ace It Driving School in-car lesson. Our driving instructor will pick you up, give you a one hour driving lesson before your road test, let you use our training car for your driving test and drop you off at home when it is all over.

  • ✓ You will receive feedback from our expert instructors with one-on-one instruction
  • ✓ We will work around your busy schedule and do the pickup and drop off from your home, work, school or anywhere in Edmonton
  • ✓ Ace It Driving School Instructors are available for the lessons in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays too!

This package is not part of the Alberta Government’s Insurance Reduction program; however, it is a cost-effective way to ensure your driving is safe and comfortable right before you take your driver test in Edmonton.

Ace It Driving School offers a variety of driving lessons and packages in Edmonton. Give us a call and become a better driver today.


Class 5 Basic Road Test Plus 1 Hour Driving Lesson = $105



What Driver Training and Skills Do We Teach?

Core Driver Training

  • ✓Introduction to vehicle
  • ✓Proper position of seat
  • ✓Mirror adjustment
  • ✓Signals
  • ✓Starting and stopng vehicle
  • ✓Proper gears
  • ✓Stop sgins (1-2-3-4 way)

Developing Driver Training

  • ✓Yield signs
  • ✓Left turns at traffic lights
  • ✓Traffic lights with turning arrows
  • ✓Scanning big picture
  • ✓Passing parked cars
  • ✓Lane changes
  • ✓Railway crossings
  • ✓School and pedestrian crosswalks
  • ✓Pedestrian corridors
  • ✓School and playground zones
  • ✓Roundabouts and boulevard turns

Advanced Driver Training

  • ✓Merging lanes
  • ✓One-way streets
  • ✓Parallel parking
  • ✓Perpendicular parking
  • ✓Emergency stops
  • ✓Parallel parking
  • ✓Downtown driving
  • ✓Highway driving

Mock Driver Test

(upon request)

  • ✓Practice leading up to road test
  • ✓Mock road tests
  • ✓Busier roads
  • ✓Complex roads

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