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Edmonton Class 5 Driver Training

GDL Insurance Reduction Program (10 Hours In-Car and 15 Hours Online Class)

Edmonton Class 5 Driver Training – Ace It Driving School offer the Alberta Government insurance reduction program in Edmonton AB. Learn to be a safe and defensive driver with personalized driver training. This Ace It Driving School training program includes:

  • ✓ 15 hours online classroom instruction
  • ✓ 10 hours on the road one-on-one driver training
  • ✓ Each lesson a minimum of 2-hours
  • ✓ Feedback from our expert instructors
  • ✓ Pick up and drop off within Edmonton city limits
  • ✓ Edmonton driver training instructions are available for lessons on the mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays
  • ✓ We can work around your busy schedule

If you are interested in class 5 driver training in Edmonton, call Ace It Driving School.

Our program is suitable for new driver who has their class 7 driver license.

Become a safe and defensive driver with learning core driver training to advanced driver training.

Class 5 GDL (10 hours in-car and 15 hours online class) = $650



What Driver Training and Skills Do We Teach?

Core Driver Training

  • ✓Introduction to vehicle
  • ✓Proper position of seat
  • ✓Mirror adjustment
  • ✓Signals
  • ✓Starting and stopng vehicle
  • ✓Proper gears
  • ✓Stop sgins (1-2-3-4 way)

Developing Driver Training

  • ✓Yield signs
  • ✓Left turns at traffic lights
  • ✓Traffic lights with turning arrows
  • ✓Scanning big picture
  • ✓Passing parked cars
  • ✓Lane changes
  • ✓Railway crossings
  • ✓School and pedestrian crosswalks
  • ✓Pedestrian corridors
  • ✓School and playground zones
  • ✓Roundabouts and boulevard turns

Advanced Driver Training

  • ✓Merging lanes
  • ✓One-way streets
  • ✓Parallel parking
  • ✓Perpendicular parking
  • ✓Emergency stops
  • ✓Parallel parking
  • ✓Downtown driving
  • ✓Highway driving

Mock Driver Test

(upon request)

  • ✓Practice leading up to road test
  • ✓Mock road tests
  • ✓Busier roads
  • ✓Complex roads

Testimonials: Here's What Our Students Are Saying