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Ace-It Driving School is Winnipeg’s choice for Class 5 driving lessons.  With a team of experienced driving instructors, our students are trained and prepared to help them become good drivers and pass their driving test.

For those who are looking for the same level of instruction for their Class 1 license in Winnipeg, Ace-It Driving school has teamed up with top Winnipeg Class 1 training programs.  Get in touch so we can help you ensure you get the right Class 1 training.

Total fee for Class 1 course is $3500 (includes 2 road tests but does not include MPI road test appointment). Please note this does not include Class 5 driving lessons. $1000 initial deposit is required to book Class 1 driving instructions.


What is a Class 1 License?

A Class 1 License is required to drive semi-trailer trucks or big rigs as they are often referred.

A Class 1 License also allows you to drive any vehicle that is allowable with a class 1-5 license (this does not include motorcycles).  If you obtain a Class 1 License, here are other large vehicles you will be permitted to drive:

  • Buses including school buses
  • Trucks with more than two axles. This includes tow trucks and dump trucks
  • Road tractor
  • Tractor-trailer with a farm registration
  • Mobile truck cranes
  • Taxis and limousines
  • Ambulances and firetrucks

As you can see, a class 1 license will open up the way for a variety of transportation jobs.


Class 1 License Requirements

Before you sign up for class 1 drivers’ training and take the exam, it is essential you meet the requirements for the license. Requirements for a Class 1 license in Manitoba include:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You have held a class 5 intermediate or authorized instruction license for at least two years
  • You have a good driving record
  • Can pass the medical approval
  • Can pass a knowledge test


Class 1 Driving Training Winnipeg

For those drivers who are interested in a career in trucking or transportation, it is essential you are properly trained in the necessary skills to safely perform your driving duties.

Driving training is often a combination of theory and practical training, including:In-classroom lessons designed to provide students with the theory, road rules and safety knowledge needed

  • In-vehicle training
  • In-vehicle observation

Upon successful completion of the Class 1 Provincial Road Test students have the skills, knowledge and safety knowledge to obtain employment as a class 1 driver.

Get Your Class 1 License in Winnipeg

Ace-It Driving School is a top driving school in Winnipeg.  We specialize in Class 5 driving lessons; however, we have partnered with top Class 1 driving schools in Winnipeg to ensure those looking for the best specialized training know where to go.

If you like the instruction, professionalism and expertise of the driving instructors at Ace-It and are thinking about obtaining a Class 1 license, get in touch with us.  We will ensure you get the right Class 1 training through our partnered school so you can safely embark on a career in the truck and transport industry.

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Class 1 Training Deposit Form

  • This deposit is for Class 1 driver training only. Total fee for the Class 1 course is $3500. This includes 2 road tests as well but does not include the MPI road test appointment. This does not include Class 5 in-car lessons.
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