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Ace It Driving School

Your Professional Driving School in Edmonton, AB

There’s no greater sensation than turning up the stereo, hitting the open road, and feeling that sense of freedom that hits you as the world goes by. Driving: nothing else gives you that rush or fulfills that ancient nomadic instinct more.

As Jack Kerouac said in On the Road: The Original Scroll, “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

The instructors at Ace-It Driving School in Edmonton are here to guide you through the necessary steps to obtain your Alberta driver’s licence. We offer both in-class theory and one-on-one driving lessons that enhance your knowledge of road rules while perfecting your driving skills. Our Sherwood Park and Edmonton driving instructors will make sure you’re ready for any road scenario you may encounter behind the wheel.

Our driving school in Edmonton offers courses in English and Spanish to help more students feel comfortable learning in their preferred language. Our certified driving experts use a straightforward and immersive approach to driving education, which makes the learning experience easy to grasp for students.

Ace-It Driving School offers convenient drop-off and pick-up services to and from your home, office, or school, so you’ll never have to miss a lesson. Whether you’re 16 or 60, your driving anxieties will dissolve once you get behind the wheel with one of our experienced driving teachers. Take advantage of our practice road tests to boost your confidence and help you feel more prepared for the final road exam.

Keeping Alberta’s Roads Safe with Graduated Licensing

Statistically speaking, most road accidents are caused by young or inexperienced drivers. People who have been driving for decades understand the nuances of traffic and how to adjust their driving techniques for different types of weather. Experienced drivers also know how to deal with other drivers on the road. Although you may be carrying a freshly minted licence in your wallet, the type of knowledge you need to become a great defensive driver only comes from spending countless hours behind the wheel.

The province of Alberta has a graduated licensing system to ensure your skills improve with experience. You will have to pass three stages over a period of three years to become a fully licensed driver:

Stage 1: Learner Licence (Class 7)

To obtain your learner’s driver’s licence, you have to be at least 14 years old and have your parents’ consent if you’re a minor. You must also pass a knowledge test and a vision test.

Ace-It Steps to Stage 1 Learner Licence

Learning the rules of the road is simple with Ace-It’s in-class theory courses. We’ll start from the basic road signs and move onto introducing complicated scenarios that you might encounter on the road. Your driving instructor will also provide practice knowledge tests, so you’ll be ready to ace your exam.

Stage 2: Probationary Licence (Class 5-GDL)

To reach Stage 2, you must be at least 16 years old and have your parents’ consent if you’re a minor. You must practice driving with your learner’s permit for at least 12 months with another person in the front seat who has their full Class 5 licence. Finally, you must pass a basic road test.

Ace-It Steps to Stage 2 Probationary Licence

There’s no better way to learn how to drive than to get behind the wheel and just start moving. Our experienced instructors will help you get over your initial fears while allowing you to work on all the necessary skills you need to become a good driver and pass your road test. All of our student cars are equipped with a front passenger seat mirror and gas pedal to ensure total road safety. To boost your chances of passing, we modify our lessons to get you familiar with the road where you’ll be taking your exam.

Stage 3: Full, non-GDL Licence (Class 5)

To obtain your full licence, you have to drive for at least two years with a Class 5-GDL licence and have zero suspensions during the last year of your probationary period. You must also pass the final advanced road exam, which will test your knowledge and safe application of highway driving, handling intersections, changing lanes, driving through school zones, handling congested traffic, and parallel parking. Passing your advanced road test means you can now drive with a full Class 5 licence without any probationary restrictions.

Ace-It Steps to Stage 3 Full Class 5 Licence

Our mission is to help you pass the advanced driving test the first time you take it! We’ll help you safely navigate the more complex aspects of driving while allowing you to become more comfortable making decisions and dealing with complicated driving scenarios. The more practice you have behind the wheel, the more prepared you’ll be to pass your driving test.

Edmonton Driver Training Lesson Packages

Select our à-la-carte lessons, or save money with our lesson packages. We have something designed for every type of student; whether you’re a young driver or you just need a refresher course, you’ll find a lesson that suits your needs. We even offer online video driving lessons! Browse our packages today!