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Ace It Driving School

Ace-It Driving School Feedback and Reviews

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Please provide feedback using one of the following links and also see feedback from our old students.

Feedback From Our Past Students:

Drew's Experience with Ace It driving school
Emmanuel Review
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Student: I believe this is the best driving school in the city. Training was so in-depth and strict that I found the road test to be very easy. I think this is the main reason why I passed in my first attempt.

Student: Thank you for teaching me lane change

Student: Thank you for helping me with my driving. Your teaching style is wonderful

Student: Wow! Now I completely understand all the concepts. Your teaching style is completely different than others

Student: Your prices are cheap and instructions are far better than others

Student: please see picture for his comment

Student: please see picture for her comment

Student: Thank you so much! Honestly speaking, I was not expecting to pass the road test in my first attempt.

Student: Hey! I passed in my first attepmt. Only 3 mistakes in the test. Thank you so much for all the help.

Student: Thank you Mandeep! Passing road test was the biggest thing on my list.

Student: Thank you so much for being patient with me

Student: Lesson was very professional. Enjoyed it.

Student: Went through some other driving schools before but no one pointed out my mistakes the way you do it. This helped me a lot and I am confident in my driving now.

Student: I called you because you wrote "no yelling" in your add. I am very happy with your service. My old instructor was yelling at me all the time.

Student: Thank you for taking me on the busy streets and intersections. I took 8 lessons before in driver ed and my instructor never took me on the intersection with the traffic lights.

Student: Your approach is professional and friendly. You were motivating me all the time. Thank you for all your help.

Student: I passed the road test and just got 5 points deducted!! Thank you so much. I will definitely tell my friends your number if they want a driving instructor.

Student: Hey Boss I passed the road test. Thank you for your time and training.

Student: I passed with only 10 points deduction because I drove in a shoulder on right turn. The examinder said it was a very good test. Thank you, definitely couldn't have done it witout you.

Student: Thank you! I would not have passed on the first try if it wasn't for your help.

Student: Thank you so much! I passed with 0 points (no mistakes).
And the list goes on...