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Ace It Driving School

Book Winnipeg Driving Lessons and Driver Training Packages

At Ace-It Driving School we offer one-on-one driving lessons tailored to your current driving skills and needs. Our friendly driving instructor will pick you up at your home, work, or school, and drive to a safe and comfortable location to begin the lesson.

After the lesson we send supporting training documents including parallel parking steps to practice and instructional videos. We’ll also do mock road tests to help you get comfortable and prepare for your real road test.

Book a lesson online with Ace-It Driving School today and see why our students have a 91% success rate on their road test!

Driver Training Lesson Packages

Ace-It’s driving lesson packages are perfect for students who have very limited driving experience or are unable to practice with a coach or family member. We cover everything from the basics of signaling, starting, and stopping to advanced skills like highway, downtown, and defensive driving.

  • Ideal Package for Newbie = $1290 (12 lessons and each lesson is 2 hours long)
  • Start-Up Package for Newbie = $860 (8 lessons and each lesson is 2 hours long)

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Single Driving Lessons

Our individual driving lessons focus on equipping a student driver who is comfortable behind the wheel with the specific skills they will need to successfully complete their Manitoba Driver’s Test. We tailor the individual lesson according to the location where you will be taking your road test so you are comfortable with the backroads, speeds zones, and other tricky areas.

  • 1 Hour Lesson = $60
  • 1.5 Hour Lesson = $90
  • 2 Hour Lesson = $110

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Bundle your lessons and save!

  • 4 Lesson Bundle = $430 (4 lessons and each lesson is 2 hours long)
  • 6 Lesson Bundle = $630 (6 lessons and each lesson is 2 hours long)

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Online Video Driving Lessons

Our online training will help you pass your driving test easily. Learn to beat the critical errors that cause people to fail their driving test!

  • Video Driving Lessons = $99

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Create Your Own Custom Driving Lesson Package

At Ace-It Driving School we can also develop a customized driver training plan to make sure you get all the instruction needed to build your skills and confidence as a safe and defensive driver! Just give us a call at (204) 509-4175  and we will be very happy to work with you!

What Driver Training and Skills Do We Teach?

Core Driver Training
Introduction to vehicle
Proper position of seat
Mirror adjustment
Starting and stopping vehicle
Proper gears
Stop signs (1-2-3-4 way)
Developing Driver Training
Yield signs
Left turns at traffic lights
Traffic lights with turning arrows
Scanning, big picture
Passing parked cars
Lane changes
Railway crossings
School and pedestrian crosswalks
Pedestrian corridors
School and playground zones
Roundabouts and boulevard turns
Advanced Driver Training
Merging lanes
One-way streets
Parallel parking
Perpendicular parking
Emergency stops
Downtown driving
Highway driving
Mock Driving Test

(upon request)

Practice leading up to roadtest
Mock road tests
Busier roads
Complex roads

Book Your Driver Lessons Now

Step 1: Call/Text (204) 509-4175 to schedule a driving lesson.

Step 2: Fill out the form below to pay online for your scheduled appointment.

* You must pay at least 3 days before the scheduled appointment to keep your appointment active, otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.

* If you must cancel any driving lesson with us, please call/text us at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged full amount. Administration fee of 10% will be charged for all cancellations.